The CSC 5 step Transition Programme for Middle to Senior Managers

What is the single most important question you are asking yourself right now?

  • Are you facing compulsory redundancy, and worried about how you will cope and what you will do next?
  • Are you contemplating voluntary redundancy, uncertain whether to stay or leave, and considering what comes afterwards?
  • Are you remaining in the civil service and wondering how to deal with the changes you and your colleagues are going through at work so that you not only survive, but thrive, in the months ahead?

How do I deal with the impact the current changes in the public sector are having on me?

With 600,000 anticipated job losses, funding cuts of between 25% to 40%, there are challenging times ahead. One way or another, everyone will feel the effects of these changes. Read our free report ‘Redundancy could seriously damage your health’ to know where you are and to understand the impact of change on you.

If I change direction, how will I know that I will succeed in finding the job that inspires me?

The bad news is that the failure rate for newly appointed professionals and leaders who transition from one career or sector to another is high.

Some of the statistics around career transition are extremely alarming:

  • Over 50 percent  lack the capabilities to handle internal politics
  • 58 percent are unclear about company expectations
  • A full 82 percent fail to build appropriate networks

The good news is that you can significantly increase your chance of making a successful career transition by adopting the right transition strategies and getting the right support.

Who should go on the Transition Programme?

The 5 Step Transition Programme specifically designed for middle to senior managers working in the public sector. The programme will give you the key knowledge, tools, skills and support you need to make a successful career transition and set yourself up for success, now and in the future.

How is it delivered?

This will be delivered through a choice of:

  • A two and a half day workshop (includes half day one-to-one and then two consecutive training days with small workshop groups), or
  • two day one-to-one personalised coaching.
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Step 1: Set yourself up for success.

How ‘change ready’ and resilient are you?

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Step 2: Uncover the key to unlock your success

Is your existing job or career making you feel truly fulfilled?

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Step 3: Find a working model that fits you

What way of working best meets your needs?

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Step 4: Challenge you to change your perspective

How are you holding yourself back from achieving your career goals and ambitions?

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Step 5: Access to an ongoing supportive mentoring team to accelerate your success

If you had the best person in the world advising you, what would they suggest you do?

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