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The Coalition Government has started to implement the deepest spending cuts in living memory with over 600,000 jobs to be lost across the Public Sector. As the sector goes through enormous systemic shock, for public sector employees this will mean:

  • Greater uncertainty through redundancies and lower job security
  • Real reductions in pay
  • Falling pension provisions
  • The nature of employment moving towards a shorter contractual based one

For many these changes will feel unfair, harsh and a betrayal of the unique relationship that was previously thought to exist between the Government and public servants.

This website is dedicated to those civil servants and public sector employees who will be affected by these changes.

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If you believe stability will return in the near future you are mistaken. If anything the scale and rate of change is likely to accelerate.

The “rules of the game” have changed forever and a new mindset is now required by those affected to become smart and change with them, in order to make the best of the situation and come out on top.

If you are affected by these changes this is what you need to do:


  • Take stock of where you are and what the new “rules of the game” mean for you
  • Re-examine your skills, experience, contacts gained and work out what you have to offer a new employer or which possibly could be used in starting a new business venture
  • Think about the opportunities which be available to you through:
    • a redundancy payment
    • support to job search
    • how you can make these work best for you and having more time
  • Create the new vision for “Me Plc” to give you the life you have always desired but have never felt the need, ability or confidence to go out and get it.


Where can I get help to do this?

The information contained on this site will guide you to:

  • Get clear direction for you and your career
  • Identify where your strengths lie and how to harness these in any given career choice
  • Help you overcome self limiting fears and beliefs about changing direction
  • Feel passionate about where you are going and fulfilled in the knowledge that you are getting there, and fast
  • Create positive goals that will enable you to achieve the things you want to achieve
  • “Get balance, so that you could spend your time doing what you want with whom you want.


The greatest discovery… is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind.” – William James

Simply leave your name and email details and you will have access to:


  • Tools and strategies to manage:
    • potential redundancy situation
    • how to transition to working in the private sector
    • expectations of employees around change
  • A framework for the development of a plan that will support your goals
  • A support network of others going through similar changes.


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